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We deliver an impressive range of services, which is made possible by our state-of-the-art facility and highly professional medical team.

We meet the medical care needs of Nigerians by providing quality practices that improve their daily health. Best Western Group of Hospitals was established to provide excellent medical care to all Nigerians. We strive to make healthcare accessible and affordable in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3, which promotes good health and well-being. 

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Our Vision

To be a leading healthcare provider in Nigeria, committed to providing patient-centric qualitative care

our hospitals


Best Western Hospital, one of the Best Western Hospitals groups, provides the best possible care using a comprehensive healthcare approach that addresses all aspects of our patients' health and well-being. We are outstanding in our cross-departmental practice of collaborating with medical professionals across different specialities to meet our patient's health needs and improve their health outcomes.


Victory Medical Centre by Best Western Hospital is a one-stop healthcare provider adhering strictly to industry best practices.  The focus of our medical care is to provide excellent, top-quality medical care to patients and to meet a global standard of excellence.  We provide a full spectrum of health services, including general consultation, specialist consultation, surgery, home care, maternal and child care, family planning, emergency services, laboratory and diagnostic services, ENT, obstetrics, gynaecology, and ambulance services.

our approach to care delivery

Affordable Care

Protocol-based approach to care: Implementing evidence-based protocols to streamline healthcare delivery and optimize resource utilization, ultimately reducing costs for patients.

Superior Customer Experience

Prioritizing patient satisfaction and comfort by providing personalized care, attentive communication, and efficient services, fostering a positive and memorable healthcare journey for every individual.

All-Encompassing Care

Offering comprehensive healthcare solutions that address the diverse needs of patients, including preventive care, diagnostics, treatment, and ongoing support, ensuring holistic well-being and continuity of care.