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Unleashing Financial Potential in Africa!

Regius Group is a trailblazing financial institution registered and licensed by SEC Nigeria. Our financial services group aims to redefine financial services, embodying expertise, deep knowledge, and a relentless commitment to unlocking financial potential in Nigeria and across Africa. As a powerhouse in investment banking and asset management, we empower businesses, individuals, and governments with cutting-edge financial solutions tailored to the unique landscape of the African market. Our seasoned team of financial experts possesses a profound understanding of the complex global financial markets, enabling us to navigate the intricacies of the African financial sector with unparalleled finesse.


Deep Knowledge in the Financial Sector - Nigeria and Beyond

With a focus on Nigeria and a footprint across the continent, we possess unparalleled knowledge of the African financial sector. Our expertise extends beyond borders, ensuring our clients benefit from insights that drive financial success in diverse markets.

Our Businesses


Africa's Investment Bank of Choice

At Regius Capital, we are the architects of financial success in Africa. Our investment banking services transcend traditional boundaries, providing expert financial advisory and capital-raising solutions. Whether you're a corporation, government entity, or individual looking to grow wealth the African way, our expert team is your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of financial transactions.


Asset Management - Nurturing Wealth, Fueling Growth

We go beyond managing assets; we nurture wealth and fuel growth. Our asset management services are designed to align with the unique investment goals of our clients. Whether you seek traditional or alternative investment options, ResidentCap is your financial navigator. We simplify the complexities of wealth building with innovative asset management solutions. Services including Fixed Income Notes, Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory.